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Ona Network is a not-for-profit, non-governmental trust dedicated to improving the eye health and vision of people living in Tanzania. 'Ona' means 'see' in Swahili, the national language of Tanzania. Based in Dodoma in central Tanzania, we administer vision services, including cataract surgery, to tens of thousands of people every year. Ona Network's services rely on volunteer eye surgeons, optometrists, opticians and nurses from around the world. Approximately 94% of all money donated to Ona Network goes into service delivery. Read more

Our Programs

Volunteers Needed - 122 from around the globe have volunteered so far!
Ona Network accepts volunteers, from around the globe to support the delivery of free or low cost eye care in Tanzania - East Africa. Volunteers can choose to volunteer during eye camps, which take place on specific dates, or they can consider placements, which are available at any time of the year. Read more

We are Promoting Visual and Eye Health in Tanzania

Now you can sponsor a Cataract Surgery Session for 10 surgeries for only $500.