Cataract Centre

Ona Cataract Centre is a planned world-class eye care social enterprise that applies a business model and strategies to achieve a social purpose, that being the elimination of cataract blindness in Dodoma. The model will ensure a quick transformation of the centre from being a donor dependant centre to a fully self-sustainable centre.

o become a high quality, high volume and self-sustainable cataract centre, capable of eliminating cataract blindness in Dodoma and maintaining Dodoma as a cataract blindness free zone, focusing on those living in poverty in remote villages.

  • To ensure residents of Dodoma have timely access to quality cataract surgical care regardless of their financial status
  • To increase the cataract surgical rate in Dodoma to a rate that will achieve the elimination of treatable blindness due to cataract by 2025
  • To ensure no one in Dodoma goes blind due to cataract after the year 2025
  • To provide affordable world-class cataract surgery to the people of Tanzania
Where is the Ona Cataract Centre Located
The Ona Cataract Centre will be located in Dodoma Tanzania.


Though primarily focusing on elimination of cataract blindness in Dodoma, the Ona Cataract Centre will provide full eye care services.  All services offered at the centre will be of a high quality; an important aspect to ensure best possible outcomes are achieved and to become a centre of excellence in cataract care in Tanzania.

Full ophthalmological care will be available at the centre. This includes outpatients and inpatients, including all minor and major surgical procedures. Cataract operations will be provided either through high volume cataract operations or high tech cataract operations. High volume cataract operations at the cataract centre are designed to provide quality cataract operations at a rate that will eliminate cataract blindness in Dodoma while High Tech Cataract Operations are designed to provide affordable world-class cataract surgery to the people of Tanzania.

Eye Health Promotions

The centre will actively promotes public eye health through mass media and targeted groups such as students etc. Promotions are mostly through local radio, leaflets and seminars.

Eye Care Facilities Support
The cataract centre will actively supports and cooperates with other local eye care facilities in a combined effort to eliminate blindness due to cataract.  Support includes, but is not limited to, allowing staff from other institutions to learn from the centre’s experience, allowing the use of specific facilities and equipment at the centre not available at their institutions, use of our facilities e.g theatre or wards, suppling other institutions with cataract surgical consumables etc.

Alcon Australia generously donates quantities of Intraocular Lenses and surgical consumables for Ona Network cataract project. Their ongoing support is invaluable and we thank them.

Cataract Project - Tanzania