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Ona Network depends on donations from individuals, organisations and companies to run its vital services. More than 94% of donated funds go direct into service delivery to poor communities in Tanzania. Ona Network is currently running a low cost optometry clinic to generate funds to cover its administrative costs so that 100% of the donated money will go to service delivery.

Options for making your donation

Online Donations
To make a secure online donation click on the "make a donation" icon on the left.

Electronic/Direct Transfer
This is the best option if you want to make a one off or regular donations without having to write cheques. Please contact us so that we can send you the bank details.

Best option for a one off donation or when writing a cheque is the most appropriate for you. Please make cheque payable to Ona Network Inc. All cheques from outside Tanzania are banked to our Australian account, please make sure your cheques are payable in Australian dollars.

Money Orders
Please make your money orders payable to Ona Network Inc. Money orders must be payable in Australian dollars if originating from outside Tanzania.

Please send your Cheque/money order to
Ona Network Australia Inc.
P O Box 48
Devonport  7310